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Monte Rosen

Date of Birth: 11/27/60
Location: Jackson, WY
Published in: Birdcage Review, UCSD Guardian, Men's Journal Poetry Submisson


A maid milks a cow.
Small hands, white as milk,
hold the warm teats
against the soft lowing
and hay-scented breath.
Swishing tail tallies the drone of flys,
while milk pisses into the pail.

She holds her lover
in the same small hands.
A rush of words,
against the soft fold of peeled cloth.
Heated breath, wet upon the ear,
tells the wish and promise of weddings,
and then the anguish of parting.

A child climbs cold from his bed,
hugs his sleeping mother in the shadows
of his father's sonorous breath.
He touches the crayons reverently in morning worship,
noting the distinct smell of each color.
He scrawls his name under the brown cow,
in a barn -- yellow hay, and a pail of white milk
in the small hand of a maid.