Stirring : A Literary Collection
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Laird Barron Pastoral (I)
Ricky Garni father david
Frank Matagrano Variations of Fast
Brandy Milowsky Haiku
R. Mumma Flirtations on Black Velvet
Barbara Ann O'Leary Without
Cynthia Pacia Canceled Connection in Chicago
J. Oscar Polanco To the Rose
Jennifer Poteet Where You've Been
Cedar Pruitt Ghosts
C.J. Sage wife and other woman
Robin Sommo Snow Dog
Kirby Wright At the Hong Convalescent Home
Andrena Zawinski Tango : Surviving September


Monalesia Earle A Train and a Farmhouse
It was time to leave Seattle. Unwashed dishes were piling up and the cat had adopted herself out to a neighbor. The innocuous black box on my bedside table beeped with nauseating regularity, warning me that its clogged innards held too many unanswered telephone messages, while yellowing newspapers marked the weeks gone by since my natural curiosity turned their pages.
Mike Jasper Winter Hunt
Brad followed him down a trail marked by Williamís fading tracks from earlier that week, stepping softly and slowly to avoid scaring the deer. He felt the unspoken change in Williamís attitude and demeanor, a tension in his brotherís shoulders that marked the start of the hunt. Bradís pulse quickened and his eyes scanned the entire forest with a glance.
Dennis Must Celebrity
Instead of gladioli, Jeremiah's body was surrounded by a mass of tubes and wires, causing him to look like he was some kind of gauzed bird caught in a tangle of rural electric lines. Mother gripped the rail at the foot of his bed. His eyes were shut, but his face had a yellow cast to it that old stew chickens do.


B. Walker Sampson Acts in Between
"Well, then in time Iíll come to accept that but, you must excuse me, but in the meantime, I plan on dealing with it very badly, sweating over it at work, out drinking, in the midst of job interviews, pounding my fist both figuratively and intellectually at the chance I might have had with your company."


Tim Hayes Animal Crackers

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