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Cedar Pruitt
Cedar Pruitt

Date of Birth: 7/1/76
Location: Somerville, MA


And what about the ghosts? I ask
At night dharma talk, I ask the old man, I say
All this suffering and no ghosts in Zen.
He tells me
he saw ghosts on TV,
hits the floor
with his hand.
Live in the moment! he yells.
I have love notes falling from my notebooks
and pockets;
I use them as bookmarks.
I need paperweights I have so many.
I can only stuff them back
and crumple.

Like rock is cheap,
Zen is cheap. (It's stupid! they tell me. Be stupid!)
I am so tired of moments I can
only dream of falling asleep on the bare wood floor,
kick away the cushion.
People upright meditate all around.
Here I am 23, and I think I can see
there is love at the fringes of waking.

This isn't enlightenment.

Drowsy comes in mandarin hue.