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Carol Ann McCormick

Date of Birth: 9/5/68
Location: Selma, AL
Web Site:
Previous Publications: Stirring V1:E1


There was a second when I thought to breathe,
to feel, to crawl under my own skin, turn it
right-side out, claim nothing more
than capability. As if disrobing
mid-sentence were entirely normal (accepted).
More likely it'd find you half undressed
with as much life as an eight year old
hound stuck somewhere in Iowa exhausted
with July and it's knee high corn, serving him
as much purpose as you, naked on some corner,
skin all upside down and backward, stumbling over
your words, wondering who's idea was this anyway?

Still there was that second when I thought to reach under,
to touch myself as if I cared a great deal;
you came to watch, and did so fascinated
it was hard to tell which was more beautiful,
more natural,
you struck silent, or me
struck alive by my own hand at your witness.