Stirring : A Literary Collection
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Kenneth Ashworth Evidence of a Near Life Experience
Jessica Bush For our dead cat . . .
Alan DeNiro Territory
Joseph Lisowski Treatment
MJM Conceding to Catholicism
Mary Beth Magin after love came
Renee L. Marshall Corn-Fed
Carol Ann McCormick Witness
Aongus Murtagh Summer
Anne Pepper Halflife of Smoke
Silvia Antonia Brandon Pérez Slow Tango
Alex Stolis Breaking the Day
Scott Whitaker Disembodied


Tom Bradley The Breaded Side of the Mandarin
One side of his head is wedged, not unhappily, smack into the gravid belly of a second-generation hibakusha, who, like the other passengers, is on her way to the labs on top of Hijiyama to be prodded and skewered, solely for the selfless sake of increasing mankind's store of knowledge. No healing is done up there.
Norman Lock Nervousness
I had omitted Tangier. It is a serious and unthinkable and even grievous omission, they said, one after another coming to my tent at sunset and later when the moon rose, beaten into a bronze parenthesis. Its light sat warily in my spoon.
David O'Flaherty Weirdness in the Kitchen, 1843
That tongue could tear the heart out of a man, make him cry. It could! When Mr. Parsival had given Freedom his name-he did with all his new people-he'd laughed and laughed, said it was funny. Thomasjefferson didn't know why.
Richard Payette The Case of a Butterfly
On her wall is the strangest thing. It's a wooden case with a photograph in it. There are other things in there too, like a miniature parachute, a bill from a flying club, and a label from a bottle of champagne. The picture is of farmers' fields from fifteen hundred feet up. The case has even got a name, "First Jump".


Erin Hitzelberg Self-Portrait

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