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Alex Stolis

Date of Birth: 2/7/62
Location: Plymouth,MN
Published in: Locust, Morella, Voyage, The Ebbing Tide, The Wire, Burn, Grey Book Press, Black Bear Review, Nerve Cowboy, Illya's Honey, Stirring V2:E2, V2:E3, V2:E4
Other: Associate Editor of Samsara


7:00 AM
Jane spends slow paced days
lost in the patchwork quilt of automobiles
outside her office window;
she muses, what would do more damage
to the Lincoln’s hood,
swan dive or cannonball,
ten floors, less than ten seconds;
early retirement.

11:00 AM
Melanie listens to the wax statue of Jesus,
He told her; no children,
after two dozen kicks in the stomach
from steel-toed Wolverines; she fills
the day with prescription fairy tales,
Hail Marys.

Angela spends nights in search
of her personal Buddha
hidden in the folds of tens and twenties,
bathed in red and blue strobes.
White Russians for dinner, Diet Coke
for breakfast and a little hash
to take the edge off.

Lisa remembers,
daddy said he loved her best.
A cigarette balanced on the sill,
smoke coils like a cobra on the shade;
whisker burns, a stain on the ceiling
in the shape of a puppy,
she names Sasha.

housekeepers at St. Joseph’s
set up a bridge table on the fifth floor.