Stirring : A Literary Collection

Jerry Dreesen


About water and oil, boats,
a knotted newspaper, survivors
of a mean and desolate life.
I put the book down and walk
to the reservoir iced and void
of color, the marina's dock
locked like a frozen vertebrae.

There is a story here, about something
lost, the little boat that Quoyle bought,
unfit to be set out, flawed,
like the men who built and sank it.

In winter, everything is flawed.
This skeletal dock, no boats to hold to.
The lake that cannot breathe or warm itself.
The hand that reads this book learning
to tie a strong and seaworthy knot.

Jerry Dreesen
Date of Birth: 8/8/37
Location: Cicero Indiana
Publications: Stirring V1:E2, V2:E5, ˇfandango virtual!, Bonfire, Agnieszka's Dowry.
Awards: Winner of Poem of the Month on Critical Poet

Stirring : A Literary Collection

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