Stirring : A Literary Collection
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Melissa Benham If you want me
Jennifer Clarvoe Lining
Peter Douglas Rodin's Stare
Jerry Dreesen On Reading "The Shipping News"
Richard Fein The Park Ranger
Connie Kemila Swan Song
nicoLe sativa kurlish Death by Divination
Stellasue Lee Children in Praise of ...
Mark Melton Three Fragments of Mortality
Jennifer Poteet Bermuda
Dan Sicoli my regina


Rosanne Dingli Cadaver and Embryo
She insists, though, on doing things she thinks will please me, like pouring hot coffee into my blue cup. Her scratchings and small movements are all there is of her now.
Joshua Mohr sunday with blue : sick with recklessness
Felisha and I went out for a drink last Thursday.  I asked her out the day before, but she had German class.  I say, "Speak a little German to me, fraulein?"
     "Ich heisse Felisha.  Es tut mir leid."
     "So what does it mean?"
     "They mean ‘my name is Felisha’ and ‘I’m sorry.’  My teacher says they’re the most important things to learn how to say."
M.L. Roth The Screamer; After a Portrait by Munch
When in doubt, sayeth the experts, slash, dismember, amputate syllables like felling trees in a rain forest. Edit with blood in your teeth. No such animal as the sacred word. A small thing, but it's these trivial bits which transform a writer into an artist. To succeed, the ability to witness the death of one's best ideas must come easily.


Sharon Shahan Calyx Mouth

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