Stirring : A Literary Collection

Dan Sicoli


ripe with addiction
when after we have
dissolved into mattress
and mites celebrate
shells of our bodies

a little seizure of your touch
warm needles lick this faith

my regina
like a collared virgin
wrings with addiction
your sunken eyes fallen into all
the holes of your body

the acetate of tongue can devastate
has lost empathy
for your hollow stoned beauty

your death was a gesture
a pagan offering
a housecat dropping a mouse
onto the driveway of my psyche

Dan Sicoli
Publications: Vinyl Elephant, Zero City, KYEzine, Erosha, Bender, The Louisiana Review, Iodine, ONTHEBUS, Thunder Sandwich, Bathtub Gin, Stirring V2:E1, V2:E3
Awards: Pushcart Prize nominee
Other: Co-editor and Co-founder of Slipstream Magazine and Press

Stirring : A Literary Collection

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