Stirring : A Literary Collection
Established September, 1999

V3:E5 MAY 2001

Stirring : A Literary Collection

"Ultraviolet" by nicoLe sativa kurlish


R. Shakoor

She wants to tell them that she is just momentarily inactive. That this is just one instant in her whole life because you see, instants arenít measured in units of time, they are measured in what has been accomplished. But she doesnít really know how that could in any way console them.


Janet Buck
Roaches Running From the Light

Alison Daniel
White As Camphor

Christina Wos' Donnelly
Coveting the Ends of Bread

Peter Douglas
One of Our Haunts

Stacey Fruits

Linda Goin
Holding Patterns

Susan Gorgioski
And Still, This Time

Claudia Grinnell
Being Dead and All

erika renee lanier

David Starkey

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