Stirring : A Literary Collection
Established September, 1999

V3:E7 JULY 2001

Stirring : A Literary Collection

"Looking for Something" by Julia Spantchak


Mike Fulton
The Greater New Orleans Sanitation Workers Strike

I remember the Christmas Eve when Auntie Marguerite was arrested. Someone from the twenty-third precinct called to say that she had been picked up in a rough neighborhood for loitering, and "something we don‘t have a name for yet." He said that the arresting officer was searching the book of ordinances to find a name for what she had done.

Sarah Elizabeth Sorenson
Water Music

What does the animal do after realizing that it could be free? Some make a mad dash for it. They foam at the mouth with the anticipation of freedom; they gnash teeth and strike out. They roar and stamp their feet. But most of them? Most of them slide the chains off and then lie down with their heads buried between their declawed paws.


Michelle Cameron
Stopped for Death

Jeffrey Ewing

Mike Fulton
The Body

Robert Gibbons
Under the Spell of the Ballerina

Connor Jordan
Yearning Ariadne

Gary Kuhlmann
In the Language of Illness

Frank Matagrano
Picking How to Go

Cleopatra Mathis
The Horse

Walt McDonald
Grace at the Top of the Food Chain

JB Mulligan

David McKay Powell
Three In Memoriam Patriae

Nanette Rayman
Not Love

Jeannine Shackleton

Tom Sheehan
Marching Orders

T.L. Stokes
Too Early for Stir Fry


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