Stirring : A Literary Collection
Established September, 1999

Stirring : A Literary Collection
"Cleaned Up" by Letitia Trent

V5:E4 : APRIL 2003
Madhura Chivate
Madhura Chivate
Thomas Bates
New Zechariah
Sheila Black
Kristy Bowen
Tornado Weather
kris t kahn
William J Neumire
shelly a reed
personals, cityview
Tobias Seamon
The Exhibit
john sweet
god in the form of a snake devouring itself
M.L. Roth
How to Peel an Egg

Closing on the yard he panicked, twisting the wheel this way and that, knowing he'd built a barn with nothing in it, knowing he'd bought The Machine intending to park it in the barn so that he'd have something in it, but not knowing how to drive it there - all of this, and then he saw the egg.

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