wicked alice| fall 2010

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Megan Kaminski

On afternoons rake fingers

through soil watching people

across the boulevard sun themselves

seeding Dixie cups tumbling the lawn

I taper days and pinch the remainder

until it shapes the things around me

nodding aster chirps over-ripe fruit

clouds sling shapes across crisped grass

press anything hard enough it will sing

suckling trees and cornflower boundaries blur

carry shadow carry leaf whisper








blue blankets blue unceasing

cradles point of rocks

sand sagebrush


            call the district office

for locations of local herds

                        spadefoot toads

                        earless lizards


prairie opens wide

            tumbling green

            blowing seed    scatter

                        across grasslands         


silky prairie clover

sweet sand verbena

hairy guara

field goosefoot






loam of dreams

metal coils

            tourniquet limbs

            tongues poke teeth

                                    soft flesh  


                        break like porcelain



carry in soft hands


astonish            soaked

                           locales squawk


metallic friction

            rub against each sparked body

   copper shavings





limestone expanse

plains indigo

            press fingers against wrists

            puncture skin


                        silk knots tight on skin

                                    in sleep


each night expands

 farther from flood

            from blowing sand


black-eyed flowers glory hills

pop seas of grass

            green echoing greens

                        rubbed moist on white skirts   

                        sunk deep at daybreak             



Megan Kaminski's poems have appeared in Denver Quarterly, FOURSQUARE, Phoebe, and Can We Have Our Ball Back?.