wicked alice| fall 2010

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three poems

Megan Kaminski



Erin Gendron



Often She’d Drop into Fathomless

Rachel Jamison Webster



The Ethical Slut on Your Nightstand

Leigh Phillips




Nicole Steinberg



from Cuniculus

Khadijah Queen



Boyfriend (Revisted) ()

Deborah Bradford



Poem of the Teenager

Joshua Butts

The Maroon Field

Absence of Lace

Because the Body Collects Experience

C Albert




Mathematics Ghazal

How to Keep the One You Love

Kimberly Grey



What Holds Constant 9/01/09

Virginia Bell







featured artist:

                                        Cassia Beck



Bob Dylan’s Lost Children

Teresa Petro-Micchelli



Poem for the Friend Who Packed My Husband’s Closet

Laura Dixon



Wedding Announcement

A Ghazal for the Bride with Post-Wedding Blues

Keep the Mystery

Emilie Beth Lindemann




Carolee Sherwood