wicked alice| fall 2011

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A.E. Loveridge



After Rexroth, the Poet Pretends She is Chinese


A lowly bureaucrat, which she is, toiling

for a government clogged by procedure


and process, which she is, living in a city, which she does,

in a small house full of ghosts, which she does,


by a river, which does flow nearby,

and waiting, like she does, for one who loves another,


which she is, who will send a message, which he won't,

or perhaps for the wind to carry one perfect blossom


into her lap while she waits by the river

for the one who will not send for her,


Which it does.







A. E. Loveridge’s poetry has been published or is forthcoming in The Tulane Review, The Southern Women’s Review, The New Yinzer, and anthologized by Carlow University Press. Her literary fiction chapbook, Congregation, was published by Little Book Publications in 2008. An Atlanta, GA native and 2009 Bread Loaf contributor, she now lives in Pittsburgh, PA.  Her chapbook, Poems for Business Travelers, was recently  released by dancing girl press .