wicked alice| fall 2011

A.E. Loveridge
After Rexroth, the Poet Pretends She is Chinese

Sarah Neal
Fourteen: You Did it Yourself
What on Earth: The Shortest Autobigraphy
She found brokens

Noel Sloboda
All-American Girl

Jessica Rainey & Edward Smallfield
Lola's Reading
Dime: 2
Mado's Reading
Dime: 4
Miss Quote's Reading

Sharon Venezio
Obsession \�b-'se-shən, əb-\
National Geographic
Love Letters

Valerie Loveland
I'm After Whatever the Other Life Brings
I Purchased Judy's Entire Wardrobe at Her Estate Sale
Stolen Stethoscope

Jessica Young
Little Red Riding Hood
Fib Sequence
Mary and Math

Leah Stetson
The Hyena Diet
The Ogre and the Bad Girl
The Peony and the Rose

10th Anniversary Issue