Best of the Net 2011  



Dilruba Ahmed's "Mississippi Delta" from Switchback
Dan Albergotti's "Apology in Advance" from Connotation Press
Traci Brimhall's "The Silk Road Epistles" from inter|rupture
Mary Kovaleski Byrnes's "Maybe This Happens to Everyone" from inter|rupture
Jess Dutschmann's "This Is" from Red Lightbulbs
Stacia M. Fleegal's "Post-Apocalyptic" from decomP
Dorianne Laux's "Second Hand Coat" from Blip Magazine
Nick McRae's "An E-mail from God Concerning the Recent Plague of Locusts" from Sweet: A Literary Confection
Roberto Montes's "The Poet Speaks of Beauty" from Sixth Finch
Khadijah Queen's "Mostly to uncover the reality of my soothing brand of sickness" from In Posse Review
Nancy Reddy's "The Case of the Double Jinx" from Anti-
Leslie Seldin's "Reading the Tells" from Sixth Finch
Karen Skolfield's "Rumors of Her Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated" from Boxcar Poetry Journal
Susan Slaviero's "Coyote" from Ghost Ocean Magazine
Mathias Svalina's "from I Am A Very Productive Entrepreneur" from Sixth Finch
Karen J. Weyant's "The Summer I Stopped Catching Bees" from Glass: A Journal of Poetry
Allison Whittenberg's "52nd and Spruce" from Gemini Magazine
Robert Wrigley's "Short Answer: Mishap With Nail Gun" from Superstition Review