Suzanne Marie Hopcroft


After that it was hard to be much impressed
with people adding light to brilliant things. In Delft

they were garnishing the porcelain edges of
a milk jug; off Bowery, flipping back their dreads
to hoist a pitcher from the gleaming wet.

But that work, it never needed dressing up--
never needed to be saved. Not so

the parade of half-spoked wheels and
unfortunate tinsel that followed us, pulsing, from
one to the other coast. Not so those broken,

those flat, those garish hums, the ones you wove
with bright substance and breathed behind

and let fly over our nascent cove: tailed mobiles
hung tall and blue, dotting the limpid sky.

Suzanne Marie Hopcroft's poetry is forthcoming or has appeared in Hayden's Ferry Review, Weave Magazine, PANK, Anderbo, Superstition Review, and other journals. Suzanne is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at Yale University and writes from Long Beach, California.

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