Submission Guidelines

Founded in 1999, Stirring: A Literary Collection is one of the oldest continuously publishing journals on the internet. Stirring is a strictly electronic journal that publishes monthly issues on the first of each month. We gladly read submissions if they are sent in the following way:

Poetry: Up to (5) poems sent in the body of the email addressed to Luci Brown and Andrew Koch at

Fiction: Up to 5,000 words in the body of the email addressed to Kat Saunders at

Non-Fiction: Up to 5,000 words in the body of the email addressed to Anessa Wilson at

Photography: Up to (5) photos as JPG attachments addressed to Luci Brown and Andrew Koch at

Book Reviews: Up to 700 words in the body of the email addressed to Donna Vorreyer at

If you are interested in either submitting a book review or having your book reviewed, contact Donna Vorreyer at

The Basic Info

We welcome simultaneous submissions (as long as you inform us immediately if your work has been accepted elsewhere), but we do not consider previously published work. We request that all work be submitted in the body of the email. Please include a third person biography in your submission. You are welcome to send more work to us as soon as you've heard from us about your last submission. If you send us multiple submissions, they will not be considered for publication.

Waiting to Hear From Us?

We try to get back to you on submissions within three months. If it's been longer than four months, and you haven't heard from us, send us a query email. If you receive an email informing you that your work is being held over, it means we enjoyed your work but are holding onto it for a future issue. We will try to place you in the next issue, but sometimes it can take a few months if we are backed up on holdovers.

What Stirring Is Looking For

We like to see all types of creative work. We enjoy short poems, long poems, flash fiction, memoirs, form, prose, narrative, lyrical, etc. Stirring is a journal with several editors who all bring their individual input on each issue. The joy of Stirring is how many different opinions we have. We do not consider translations. We ask you to please read our past issues to get an idea for what we enjoy.

Getting Published In Stirring?

Congratulations and thanks for submitting! All we ask is that we obtain First Serial Rights of your work during the month that it appears on our website. After that month, the rights revert back to you, the author. We also hold the right to reprint your piece in any future issues of Stirring or any Sundress-backed print anthologies. At this time, we are unfortunately unable to pay our contributors.

Information on Photo Submissions

We like to hold onto photo submissions until we find an issue that compliments the photo in an ideal way. Because of this, you may not hear from us for a while. If you haven't heard about your submission in four months, please send us a query email. We highly prefer color to black and white submissions. Please see our past issues for an idea of the types of photos we typically publish.

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