Sage Cohen


I met your father today
and held your painted face

in my hands. Only a poet
can give us our own grief

in terms we can understand.
I sit on this airplane now,

the entire world unsolved
the slender spine of his book

split between my reading hands.
Your life burns through mine,

a flash etching substance of image.
Already, I have mistaken your father

for his words as we each mistook
our daughters for their names

because this is what love does:
travels to the lowest ground,

then collects in the
carved out places.

Sage Cohen is the author of Writing the Life Poetic and The Productive Writer, both from Writer's Digest Books, and the poetry collection Like the Heart, the World. She has won first place in the Ghost Road Poetry contest, been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and published many articles on the writing life in Writer's Digest magazine, Poet's Market and Writer's Market 2008-2012. Her poems have appeared in publications including The Oregonian, Poet's Market 2013, Hip Mama and Poetry Flash. Visit Sage at

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