Amorak Huey


We can't always know for certain whether we are heel or face.
We are not all born with a nickname on the ass of our tights.
Not all of us had a father so eager to toughen us up.

Today's prompt is to write about the night I battled Hogan in the cage.
Appeal to the senses. Make your reader believe. Call it "The Unbearable
          _________ of _______."

                   When you lose, it's scripted.
                   When you win, it's something else.
It's a feud when both sides deal from the bottom of the same deck.

By this point you should know what you want to achieve.
By this point you should have fallen in love
with someone you do not deserve.

This is not an elegy. I am not dead. Change your name if you want
but be sure to choose something you will remember.

Amorak Huey's debut full-length collection Ha Ha Ha Thump is forthcoming in 2015 from Sundress Publications. A former newspaper journalist, he teaches writing at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. His chapbook The Insomniac Circus is forthcoming from Hyacinth Girl Press, and his poems have appeared in The Best American Poetry 2012, The Collagist, Quarterly West, Hayden's Ferry Review, Menacing Hedge, and many other print and online journals. Follow him on Twitter: @amorak.

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