James Tyner


Eddie's straddling the fence.
Barbed wire caught in his shorts,
tearing the cloth and he's crying
about his balls, screaming in Spanish
for his mom to save him.

I think I hear sirens.

Whooser's cradling a stick he found,
looks like a cane with the top broke
off. He's telling Eddie to get
the fuck down. Pockets bulging,
full of candy and quarter chips.

I swear to Jesus if we get caught.

I grab Eddie by the leg, hard,
tell him we just stole and maybe
cops are coming. His calf is big,
thick, and snots dripping on his shirt,
and I tell him I'll break this
if he doesn't get his fat, humpty
dumpty ass off the fence and run,
you stupid crying fucker.

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