Nicole Oquendo


to tell you each night the voxels crumbling
—at the steady pace of drifting one and one
is a drain of blood        dripping fixed
that you collect and bury

the trees are next        to piece away
—leaves divide across netted veins
from the structure holding us i stretch an arm
to reach to catch in the webbing of fingers

axiom—the further molder the roof now
one thousand and        one hundred and
twenty moving parts and no crown
or scientific basis for clairvoyance

crystals are the last to go beside
the pollen—blood        aerated blowing
broken window unsettled bones
and still from me a lofty moan

while i climb over        through
the labyrinth of our halved furniture
our quartered walls and only bed
clawing for a trace of you—

Nicole Oquendo is a nonbinary, latinx writer from Orlando. Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals, as well as the chapbooks some prophets, self is wolf, and wringing gendered we, and the hybrid memoir Telomeres. She is currently serving as an Assistant Editor for Sundress Publications, and as the Nonfiction Editor of The Florida Review and the Best of the Net anthology.

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