Stirring : A Literary Collection
Established September, 1999

V3:E8 AUGUST 2001

Stirring : A Literary Collection

"Looking for Something" by Julia Spantchak


Edward C. Lynskey
Keats in Boston

"Look madam, Iím not, as you say, peddling nature encyclopedias or vacuum cleaners. I work for the Honorable Andy Roots. Please listen carefully. With your single vote, he will become our next U.S. Senator. Quite simply, thatís all it takes. What we need from you . . .

Carolyn Mikulencak

I wasn't looking for them. I only opened the mirrored door of my mother's medicine cabinet, gently, to look for a Kleenex when the lip balms fell out: small yellow jars clattering into the sink, bouncing off the toilet seat, knocking a toothbrush off the counter. She must have had them stacked in the narrow cabinet, at least fifteen of them, maybe more.

Sandy Steinman
Cherry Colored Crayons

She lied. Just yesterday Selma swore to Grandma Rose that she'd never again disturb Gordon, her dead turtle. Yet, that night, same as the many nights before, she had tiptoed silently downstairs in the dark while everyone in the household was in bed, and dug him up again. He was still there. It was exactly two weeks ago that Selma's brother, three year old Alexander, had soaped, and bathed poor Gordon in a sink of scalding water.


Lisette Alonso
Slightly Askew

Toni La Ree Bennett
Six Stab Wounds

Teri Browning
Something Like This

Michelle Cameron
Ghazal: Circumferance

Alison Daniel
Diaphanous Glaze

Emory Elkins
Capitalist Eyes

Jeffrey Ewing
Before a Rain

Ryn Gargulinski
Mort the Cat

Mike Hession
Ice House

Gary Kuhlmann
Still Life with Oysters and Lemon

Walt McDonald
Grizzlies in Glacier Park

Dorothy Doyle Mienko
The Great Gatsby Breaks My Heart

Kimberly Townsend Palmer
The Conductress of Milk

Shisa Poet

Tom Sheehan
Snake on Woodpile, after Maloney, OPA

Alex Stolis
Empty Mirror

Teresa White
Buddha In The Spare Room


Cesar Garza

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