Stirring : A Literary Collection
Established September, 1999

Stirring : A Literary Collection
"Hiding" by marina buckler

V5:E5 : MAY 2003
William Neumire
William J Neumire

Sheila Black
The Runners
Michelle Cameron
In Any Other Sky
Denis Michel Garrison
The Museum of Holds
Kyle Wade Grove
Seoul - Midmorning
Roxane Beth Johnson
When Depressed
james lineberger
the other night bobby came to work in drag
Stephanie Rogers
Finding God in a Deserted Parking Lot
Tobias Seamon
The Chain Bridge
Michael Spring
Kami Westhoff
Between Seasons
Teresa White
Maple Street Is Not The Road To Damascus

David Erlewine
My Night On Letterman

His eyes will glint and let me know he's bringing heat. "So, what will you tell your grand kids you did for a living?" He'll laugh and tap his pencil. Everyone will know where he's going. "I should clarify," he'll say. "You might have thousands of grandkids. What will you tell the ones you actually consider 'yours'?"

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