wicked alice| winter 2008

from Second Self in the Valley of Tongues
Robyn Art

Collage of the Ancient Ballyhoo
Pamela Miller

mare crisium
Sarah Catherine

from Feminism
Adam Strauss

The Daimon Haibun
Kathleen Kirk

Under Ground Glass Looking
In the Beginning
(what it boils down to)

Paula Mendoza-Hanna

Golden Girls Remix
Yellow Bug, Orange Corvette
Most Popular
The Stalactites Under Mt. Soofreemio

Maggie Ginestra

Love Song for An Armadillo
A Box of Paperclips
Drawing What I Hear
The Prairie State

Erin Elizabeth Smith

Start With A Word
The Grief Essay
Strawberries for Telemachus
Jennifer Sullivan

Annie, Quiet at the Ivory
Annie Price and Clara Mill Silent as Their Room Burns
Clara Mills Recalls Her First Night at the Stone Saloon

Jessica Jewell