Stirring : A Literary Collection
Established September, 1999

Stirring : A Literary Collection
"Goddesses" by nicoLe sativa kurlish

V4:E1 : JANUARY 2002

Thomas Bates
Killing Cattle for Disease, Greeley, 1998
Janet I. Buck
Thin Soap
Michelle Cameron
David Cazden
Winter Fire
Ralph Dartford
The Man From Naples
Mike Hession
After Ejaculation
Richard Jordan
Buffalo Wings
Rebecca Lu Kiernan
Midlife Circus
Dorothy Doyle Mienko
It Wasn't Until Later
Tom Sheehan
We Shall Be Warm Again
rl swihart
Andrew Wilson


Peter Douglas
This month Stirring is pleased to present our guest editor, Peter Douglas, a Stirring favorite turned editor.

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