wicked alice| winter 2009

I grew up listening to "He hit me (and it felt like a kiss)"
Brittany Ober

Amaryllis, Out of Season
Mr. Lear
My Brother in the VFW
Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings

Elizabeth Barbato

Birthday Eight
Prayer for a Plastic Surgeon
Alice on MAO Inhibitors

Lisa Markowitz

Days of Snoods & Bamboo Curtains
Above the Law

I invented the Paleolithic circumstances beneath this
Hot shallows the color infirmary walls

Karyna McGlynn

Poem for Miss Meade
And Even Smaller Nails

Rachel McKibbens

The Echo Game
The Short Hairs
Girls in hurricane season
Kate Schapiro

Ape Girl (for Jessica Lang)
David-Matthew Barnes

Small Sparrow, Deep Grass
Kat Lillian Steiger

The Heliotrope
Kristy Lueshen

The Miracles
Kim Gek Lin Short

The Boy at the Co-Op Explains Raw Honey
Nibbled One Side of the Mushroom to Grow Taller, the Other to Shrink Back Down Again
Heather Lynne Mercer

Hill of Beans
Amy Nawrocki

Canonical Ingredient of Beauty Numinous
Nicole Zdeb

excerpts from The White Poems
Rebecca Knotts

Winter Solstic
Packing Lunch
Everything Conditional
Caryn Lazzuri

Besides, My Avatar Loves Me
K. Alma Peterson

The Carpenter Seals
Nicolette Bethel

How to Make A Mask
Many times she almost said, I know you're not a child but
Call In
How do you know what you’ll be tested on?
Heather Salus

Body Chronicle
Amanda Yskamp

The Rule of Three
Nissa Lee

What Writing Is
What Writing Is, Also
that You May Better Understand
Blue Mountain

Sarah Gardner

Rip's Drive-In
The Man with a Hook
Walking Through the Orchard of Forgetfulness
This, in our world three

Jilly Dybka

The Ethics of Language
Purity Ball
The Love Hotel Letters
Mechanics of a Handyman's Daughter

Kara Dorris

Chella Courington

for Nabokov
The Station
Geneviève Grady

To A Barn Owl
Brooklyn Copeland

Call the thing til it returns unbothered
Shelly Taylor

eight exercises on a spoon

Trisia Eddy

Capricorn Adjacent Cancer: Opposition
Nina's Studio
I tried to look up in the dictionary...
".I have suffered the illusion...
Ava C. Cipri

Rose Maria Woodson

light & dawn
everywhere a surface
for rent
Elizabeth Hall

Silkworm Mother
Raechel Lee

Bee Keeping
Molly Sutton Kiefer