Tina Jenkins Bell


Tina Jenkins Bell is a published fiction writer, journalist, academic, fiction editor for an online zine, blogger, and literary activist. In 2020, she was nominated for an Illinois Literary Arts award. She writes a popular blog for the Chicago Writers Association and has had numerous work published, including: her soft sci-fi short story, “To the Moon and Back,” (Hypertext Journal); a mini memoir, “Devil’s Alley,” (Us Against Alzheimer’s); a collaborative hybrid, entitled “Looking for the Good Boy, Yummy,” (Black Lawrence Press); and a short story, “The Last Supper,” (Revise the Psalm). Bell has also had two plays produced as staged readings for large audiences, including Cut the Baby in Half (Greenline Theater) and A Conversation Between Lorraine Hansberry and Gwendolyn Brooks (a collaborative effort produced by the Chicago Humanities Festival). An active reader and presenter in the literary community, Bell is working on her second novel, Family Legacies.


Craft Chaps (2021) Tina Jenkins Bell