The Sundress Academy for the Arts hosts the Sundress Workshop Series, a series of creative arts workshops emphasizing composition, revision, and creative development. As part of Sundress Publications, the Sundress Workshop Series provide focused, personalized instruction to writers of all skill levels. Participants are treated to guidance from advanced instructors who help them to not only hone their craft but also find suitable venues for their work.

Conjure: Family & Folklore as Inspiration for Creative Writing

Conjure: Family & Folklore as Inspiration for Creative Writing

January 12th, 6:00-7:30PM EST

This workshop will inspire writers (poets, fiction, and non-fiction writers) to use family photos, archives, histories, and even folklore as endless inspiration for new work. Using a series of images, writers will be challenged to examine photographs and explore the characters, landscape, and environment of these photographs to dabble in persona writing which may creatively record family, community, cultural history/events and “conjure” new visions. The emphasis of the workshop is brainstorming and exploring through writing prompts and exercises to discover possibilities of further writing and development.

The workshop is designed for adults ages 18 and up. No professional writing experience is required, only a passion for writing.

Poet, writer, editor, Tamara J. Madison, is the author of Threed, This Road Not Damascus (Trio House Press); Kentucky Curdled and Sistuh’s Sermon on the Mount (all poetry), and Collard County (fiction).  She is the creator and host of BREAKDOWN: The Poet & The Poems, a YouTube poetry conversation series that features poets and their poetry as inspiration for everyday life. She is an MFA graduate of New England College and an Anaphora Arts Writing Residency fellow (2021). She currently teaches English and Creative Writing at Valencia College in Central Florida.