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Something Dark to Shine In by Inès Pujos Now Availble

Something Dark to Shine In by Inès Pujos Now Availble

Pre-order: Something Dark to Shine In!, by Inès Pujos

Inès Pujos’s debut full-length poetry collection, Something Dark to Shine In, is now available for sale!

Sundress Publications announces the release of Inès Pujos’ Something Dark to Shine In, a  debut poetry collection that considers the impact of pain while maintaining an unwillingness to surrender. In Something Dark to Shine In, trauma manifests in body horror. Skin strips away from flesh; blood stains floorboards; and teeth fall out to become toys. Death and religion hover constantly in the background of this haunting and haunted collection, even as the speaker reminds herself, “I am not dead yet.” Faced with the alienation and the horror of sexual violence, these poems resist the impulse to romanticize. Here, rot is marked by “a black wool of flies,” soil is laced with “chips of plates or lead paint,” and feral wolf-women refuse to be tamed. The classically beautiful becomes frightening such that a bee’s sweet honey is a reminder of the pain of their sting, and a golden crucifix is a symbol only of a calvary’s violence. Something Dark to Shine In refuses to look away from pain, from violence, yet to read these poems in a world where such atrocities become banal and commonplace, is to witness a profound refusal to die, a wish to  find beauty, and even hope, in one’s own terror. 

Eileen Myles, author of I Must Be Living Twice and Inferno, (among many others) says, “Inès’ book is very  pregnant and raggedy. I like it like I liked Lars Van Triers Nymphomaniac I & II. It’s medieval but darker like if a  painter explained how he liked to cook—using skulls. So cavalier but with these tiny blots of light. Plus she builds  her poems with these good, great, organic lists that are never corny cause she’s seriously counting things in the  world.”

Inès Pujos holds an MFA in Poetry from NYU. Their poems have appeared in The Adroit Journal, Gulf Coast, Puerto del Sol, and Verse Daily, among others. Their manuscript was a  finalist for the following prizes, among others: BOAAT Press’s 2018 open reading period and  Alice James’ 2017 open reading period, and semi-finalist for: the 2017 Berkshire Prize by  Tupelo Press and the 2017 Pleiades Press Editors Prize for Poetry, among others. For more  information visit

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