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Sundress Opens Pre-Orders for stevie redwood’s D A N G E R O U S   B O D I E S  / A N G E  R   O D E S

Sundress Opens Pre-Orders for stevie redwood’s D A N G E R O U S   B O D I E S  / A N G E  R   O D E S

Cover image for Dangerous Bodies / Anger Odes by stevie redwood

Sundress Publications announces the release of D A N G E R O U S  B O D I E S  /  A N G E R  O D E S. In this debut by author stevie redwood, there is love—an abundance of love. And there is rage and dialectics and all we are capable of—all of it: the beauty and terror and generosity and dispossession and violence and collectivity and survival and deathmaking and interdependence and warfare—as beings living and dying on this earth in whatever place and time and context we’re in, for however long we’re here. It is a study and exploration of putative opposites that are in fact deeply co-constitutive and in mutable laminate relationship with each other. Here, in redwood’s hands, we see our capacity and attention and choices. Maybe too, there is hope that we might resist annihilation; we might wage life against capital. 

Wendy Trevino, author of Cruel Fiction, writes yes, there is anger, there is disgust—often in response to the humiliations and violence individuals suffer under capitalism—in these poems, but there is also wonder, an appreciation for things as simple as ‘the miracle of your own finger,’ especially in those moments where love in this world reveals the possibility of another where love could actually thrive. It is painful. It is brave. It is stuck in a world of blurbs and markets that will not do it justice, but that wonder remains open to another world it does not know but wants / is ready for.”

Pre-orders for D A N G E R O U S   B O D I E S  /  A N G E R   O D E S are available here!

stevie redwood is a disabled toisanese jewish neuroinsurgent introvert homotrash littledreamer bigmouth bitch living & dying in frisco. they’re unimpressed by scene queers, artifice, & pacifism. they’re fond of shittalk, porchsitting, leaflitter, & riffraff. they dream a different end of the world.

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