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New Issue of Stirring Released

New Issue of Stirring Released

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Happy anniversary to Stirring! Fall is our favorite time of year, and the birthday of Stirring is a big part. This year we are celebrating with amazing authors and artists like the nostalgia-driven poems of Ryler Dustin, the pain of love in lines from Jill Crammond, a full immersion of place in the nonfiction of Wendy Gan, and the play on lightning strikes of memory in Gregg Maxwell Parker’s fiction. Come enjoy a read and delight in the featured art of Maureen Alsop, Roger Camp, and Uzma Faiz.

Thank you for the twenty-three years of reading, following, allowing us to read your work, and supporting the arts. Eat a cupcake and sip your favorite fall drink while humming a birthday tune for Stirring!

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