A Body You Talk To: An Anthology of Contemporary Disability edited by Tennison S. Black

In A Body You Talk To: An Anthology of Contemporary Disability, editor Tennison S. Black gathers the work of contemporary Disabled and D/deaf visual and literary artists into a brilliant anthology reflective of the vibrancy and vitality of the community. A Body You Talk To is an essential text for a world that commonly ignores health and well-being in favor of profit as these reflections on selfhood, identity, bodies, and the nature of being cohere into a supportive, active community of art and language in conversation.

A Body You Talk To is the urgent, necessary, and tender anthology that we need in a world where we sometimes lack insight into the experiences and emotions of others. This collection of multidisciplinary art—both written and visual—provides readers with intimate access to the experiences of artists with disabilities. These works expose the raw, unfiltered experience of bodies that take and give in a society that tends to exclude and other, highlighting the physical and mental ripples it can create. If you care about your fellow humans, you need to sit with A Body You Talk To—there is so much work to be done, and these artists have started it for us all.”
—Kay Bancroft

“A textured and diverse look at recent disability poetics and art, A Body You Talk To is an exquisite collage of what it’s like to live, think, and feel in the Othered bodymind, to fight and resist abled supremacy and norms, and most importantly, to truly shine as artists and writers in all of their brilliance. This is a must-read collection for disability advocates and casual readers alike.”
—Sarah Clark, editor of beestung and ANMLY

Contributors include Colleen Abel, Owólabi Aboyade, Latif Askia Ba, Joanna Barnett, Susan Barry-Schulz, Megan Bent, Laura Adrienne Brady, Cori Bratby-Rudd, Sarah Browning, Mugabi Byenkya, Jody Chan, Lane Chasek, Marlena Chertock, Emily Rose Cole, Gemma Cooper-Novack, Steven Cordova, Tarik Dobbs, Kara Dorris, Angie Ebba, Stacy J. Estep, Ahja Fox, Habeebullahi Mhammed Yunusa Baṣọ̀run, Catherine Garbinsky, David Greenspan, Karen Head, Phyllis Hemann, Emily Hoover, Rachael Ikins, Natalie E. Illum, Jen Karetnick, Josephine Raye Kelly, Frances Klein, Anna Leahy, Danielle Lemay, Raymond Luczak, Camille Mcdaniel, Elizabeth Meade, elena minor, Briar Ripley Page, Ellen Peckham, Cara Peterhansel, Suzanne S. Rancourt, heidi andrea restrepo rhodes, Zach Semel, Teo Shannon, Sanchari Sur, Chanika Svetvilas, Aïcha Martine Thiam, and Lourdes Tutaine-Garcia.