Poetry Xfit

Poetry Xfit isn’t about throwing tires or heavy ropes, but the idea of confusing our muscles is the same.

These monthly generative workshops will give you prompts, rules, obstructions, and more to write three poems in two hours. Writers will write together for thirty minutes, be invited to share new work, and then given a new set of prompts. The idea isn’t that we are writing perfect final drafts, but instead creating clay that can then be edited and turned into art later.

These events are held from 2-4PM EST on the third Sunday of every month. All events are free and hosted via Zoom, which can be accessed at tiny.utk.edu/sundress.

Prose writers are also welcome to attend!

Upcoming Poetry Xfit Events

  • June 16th with Shlagha Borah
  • July 21st with Z. Eihausen
  • August 18th with Denise Ervin
  • Sepetember 15th with Emory Dinsmore
  • October 20th with Alexa White
  • November 17th with Shlagha Borah
  • December 22nd with Shira Haus