The Tripart Heart by Sarah Einstein

“The essays in this collection are exactly what we have come to expect from Sarah Einstein: wise, witty, sharp-eyed, and full of compassionate heart. She takes a hard look at how we treat and accept each other, how we overlook and discard each other, and how we revere and love each other. The Tripart Heart asks us to work a little harder at the job of being good humans. With these narratives, Einstein both urges us to try alongside her and offers us an encouraging nod because she knows we can always do better.”
-Penny Guisinger, author of Postcards from Here

“The clarity and grace of Sarah Einstein’s writing is once again evident in The Tripart Heart. Only Einstein can infuse such tenderness for her younger self into the first essay—a rip-roaring, movie-worthy tale of drugs and love. And only a fifty-year-old Einstein can end the chapbook with an exploration of sex and desire from within a marriage that is written with a fierce, profound honesty that seems to burn up off the page.”
-Sandra Gail Lambert, author of A Certain Loneliness

“Walking a line between deeply-felt memory and tender nostalgia for hard-scrabble times, Sarah Einstein’s chapbook delineates the path from trying to change the world to letting the world soften and make fertile the heart.”
-Alex DeFrancesco, author of Pscyhopomps